Education Training in Japan

Education Training in Japan

The information system of each ministry in the Egyptian government is not integrated, and each ministry maintains and manages its own information system independently. As a result, information sharing among ministries has not progressed. MOPMAR takes on the role of promoting system integration across ministries and agencies, and has been undertaking the development of common governmental IT infrastructure.

Due to barriers between ministries and agencies, however, a newly conceived proposal for system integration is necessary to integrate the information system developed with different formats.

MOPMAR is aiming to develop an integrated governmental infrastructure by taking advantage of the fact that the organization is tasked with the compilation of the public investment budget common to all ministries and agencies. MOPMAR is approaching all the ministries and agencies with the consideration of e-Government, a common concern of all the ministries and agencies, as the basis.

(1) The Project will coordinate the training curriculum by taking into consideration the requests of Egypt.

(2) The training period will be up to about two weeks (excluding travel time) in late May 2016.

(3) The training site will be the Geographical Survey Institute of Ministry of Land Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, JICA, and administrative organs or domestic private companies such as those involved in JICA’s e-Government-related projects.

We aim to promote the development of a common IT infrastructure for the Egyptian government by having MOPMAR learn from prior cases of e-Government in Japan.

JICA’s project team will hold the training in Japan, taking into consideration that supporting such activities of MOPMAR will facilitate the information sharing necessary for national development planning and implementation.