Asian Experience (Training in third-party countries)

Asian Experience (Training in third-party countries)


We will share policy-level knowledge through training in Japan and on other occasions. In actually implementing policy in Egypt, however, the policy implementation environment between Japan and Egypt is markedly different. As a result, certain aspects of the knowledge Japan is able to impart will not be useful. Therefore, much can be learned from cases in countries in which the policy implementation environment is similar to that in Egypt.

In order to conduct training effectively, it is desirable that we visit two or more countries for inspection in a single training session. Though we will discuss which countries to visit in the future, we propose that the following cases be used as training in industrial park development and national development planning.

  1. The Project will coordinate the training curriculum by taking into consideration Egypt’s requests.
  2. The training period will be up to about two weeks (excluding travel time) in late April 2016.
  3. The training site will be selected from the following candidate sites or projects after finding examples in either Asia or Africa from which Egypt can learn.
    • On-site inspection of an industrial complex in Myanmar (developed under the initiative of the private sector)
    • Southeast Asia: National development plans in Vietnam and Cambodia
    • Africa: Ethiopia, the Republic of South Africa.

Observing the whole process of policy planning, plan formulation, and project implementation to utilize the experience in forming the national development planning and implementation process in Egypt.