Training in Japan & Asia

National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI)

Background and significance of providing training

Cooperation with training on NSDI is one thing Mr. Mostafa, CP of the Project, requested of JICA. According to materials released by CAPMAS, a constituent organization of MOPMAR, at the United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM), the former MOP is positioned as a leading organization for promoting the introduction of NSDI to the Egyptian government.

National Planning Administration

Background and significance of providing training

In Japan, the Economic Planning Agency and Economic Council were dissolved as a result of the reorganization of the central government ministries and agencies in 2001, which inevitably resulted in a change in the direction of the national development planning and implementation system.

Education Training in Japan

Background and significance of providing training

The information system of each ministry in the Egyptian government is not integrated, and each ministry maintains and manages its own information system independently. As a result, information sharing among ministries has not progressed. MOPMAR takes on the role of promoting system integration across ministries and agencies, and has been undertaking the development of common governmental IT infrastructure.

Asian Experience (Training in third-party countries)

Background and significance of providing training

We will share policy-level knowledge through training in Japan and on other occasions. In actually implementing policy in Egypt, however, the policy implementation environment between Japan and Egypt is markedly different. As a result, certain aspects of the knowledge Japan is able to impart will not be useful.

Procedure of Training in Japan


First Stage

Nomination Application

Three Months

Second Stage

Orientation & Pre-workshop

One Month

Fourth Stage

Knowledge Sharing Seminar
One Month

Fifth Stage

Publication Training Report
Two Months

Sixth Stage

Website Upload Report
Two Months