Introduction of Benkyo-Kai by Dr. Naruo

“Benkyo-Kai”is unique and fruitful Workshop. In Japan, the “Benkyo-Kai” is implemented in various fields.

  1. “Benkyo-Kai”, the politicians do.
  2. Policy “Benkyo-Kai” in government staff does.
  3. “Benkyo-Kai” sponsored by the industry group.
  4. An academic “Benkyo-Kai” in the university and research institute society.
  5. “Benkyo-Kai” takes place in the workplace in the company, etc.
  6. “Benkyo-Kai” of voluntary civic organizations.
  7. Gathering of local residents in the “Benkyo-Kai”.
  8. “Benkyo-Kai” gathers with friends and acquaintances.
  9. “Benkyo-Kai” held in various positions in cross functional field.


There are small “Benkyo-Kai” with a few participant and some organized a “Benkyo-Kai”, where dozens of people to conduct in a number of people. There are ad hoc “Benkyo-Kai” and regular “Benkyo-Kai” that conducted on a regular basis. Fixed theme “Benkyo-Kai” and other type of “Benkyo-Kai” to discuss the themes change theme every time.

There is not a clear definition of “Benkyo-Kai”, however we can say “Benkyo-Kai”is “there are many people with the same concerns, and share knowledge and experience, to deepen understanding about the theme”.

In Japan, on a daily basis is “Benkyo-Kai”, nothing special. And I think that is going on in various places, including seniors and young people to enhance knowledge and education of the Japanese.

We believed that Egypt can consider the constructive “Benkyo-Kai”. We had held 3“Benkyo-Kai” on policy-relevant in August and September 2016 in Cairo. We have invited the private sector, universities, research institutes, media relations, Japanese companies involved, not just government officials. The session configuration, assembly, such as the following:

  1. Introduction: description of the “Benkyo-Kai”
  2. Keynote speech and panel discussion: themes setting.
  3. Preparation of group discussion: Grouping
  4. In the group discussion: This is the core of “Benkyo-Kai”
  5. Group presentation: presented the results discussed in the Group

We had a concern whether the people in Egypt can kindly accept this “Benkyo-Kai” or not. But all the people kindly understand the purpose of the “Benkyo-kai”, study, learning and group discussion. We hope that you will hold such “Benkyo-Kai” in your workplace or community future. I think that “Benkyo-Kai” will contribute to policy formation in Egypt and planned administrative activities.


JICA project leader Naruo (planning expert) 翻訳日本では、勉強会は様々な分野で実施されている。